"Denise has a keen sense of knowing exactly what your body needs and how to best address it. She provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you feel like you can really rest and let your mind, body, and soul heal and grow."

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site! I love working with clients to help them live better, feel better, and play better! 

Clients report that they feel less pain, have increased ease in movement, more body awareness, and decreased stress after a session. I look forward to sharing this work with you!  If there is anything you would like me to know about you prior to your session or if you have any questions, please contact me.

With every session, it is my intention to provide support that increases your wellness, aids your healing process,

and leads to growth.


Maintaining balance within your whole self- body, mind, and spirit- promotes healing, joy, and engagement with life. Massage therapy works directly with the soft tissue structures of the body, helping them to soften and return to balance.  This, in turn, allows the mind and spirit to soften as well and find alignment.


Massage therapy can help relieve acute pain, reduce stress, and reverse chronic pain and overuse patterns in the body.  If you are undergoing conventional treatment for injury or illness, massage therapy can be a wonderful compliment to your healing process.


As a regular practice, massage therapy can help you open your unique potential.  Ongoing care is preventative medicine; an investment in your long-term health and daily wellbeing.  Take the first step by making an appointment today!


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Therapeutic Massage
Prenatal Massage
Thai Massage

Massage Services


"Denise has a deep knowledge of anatomy, body structure, and the principles of massage therapy. She is highly skilled in many forms of massage working with each client’s individual needs to help relieve stress, pain and work towards a holistic ease of movement."

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Single Session

30 Min   -   $50

60 Min   -   $75

75 Min   -   $85

90 Min   -   $95


Purchase 3 sessions together and receive a $20 discount

60 Min Package   -   $205

75 Min Package   -   $235

90 Min Package   -   $265

Rates do not include sales tax. 8.025% Minneapolis sales tax is applied to all services. If you receive a letter from a doctor or another health care worker stating that you would benefit from receiving massage you can be exempt from paying sales tax.  Please inquire if you have questions about this.


Cash, check, credit card, and HSA accepted.  



3754 Pleasant Ave

Studio 200

Minneapolis, MN 55409


Monday - Saturday

Hours vary


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