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Thai Massage

Thai massage consists of rhythmic compression, stretching, and joint mobilization. It is sometimes described as having a massage and a yoga session together at the same time. The work is done on a mat on the floor and clients stay fully clothed, wearing loose, comfortable clothing. This allows us to work with the body in different positions not possible in traditional table massage. There are many benefits to receiving a Thai massage including:

  • increased flexibility and range of movement

  • decreased muscle pain and tension

  • improved postural alignment

  • deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system

  • increased energy level

  • stimulated blood circulation and lymph drainage

  • relief from headaches

  • decreased joint pain and increased joint mobility


The work is also unique in that it works with the physical body as well as the energetic body (Sen lines) creating a deeper sense of balance. Sessions can be 60 to 90 minutes.  

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